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UK Airports
UK Airports
UK Airport Photographs
Durham Tees
East Midlands
London City
London Gatwick
London Heathrow
London Luton
London Stansted
Robin Hood

Aviation Webcams, Live ATC, Flight Trackers, Airport Arrivals.

Live Air Traffic Control (ATC)

Listen to Live Air Traffic Control from airports around the world.

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NORAD tracks Santa

Updated Page and removed broken links (October 2014).

Buy Airband Scanners and Cameras on Ebay

UK Airport Arrivals and Departures.

updated - October 2014.

Heathrow Webcam

Aberdeen Airport Arrivals/Departures
Belfast International Airport Arrivals and Departures
Birmingham Airport Arrivals and Departures
Bristol Airport Arrivals and Departures
Cardiff Airport Arrivals & Departures
Derry City Airport Arrivals
Derry City Airport Departures
Durham Tees Airport Arrivals and Departures
East Midlands Airport Arrivals and Departures
Edinburgh Airport Arrivals/Departures
Exeter Airport Arrivals
Exeter Airport Departures
Gatwick Airport Arrivals/Departures
Glasgow Airport Arrivals
Glasgow Airport Departures
Heathrow Airport Arrivals
Heathrow Airport Departures
Humberside Airport Arrivals/Departures
Leeds/Bradford Airport Arrivals/Departures
Liverpool Airport Arrivals/Departures
London City Airport Arrivals/Departures
Luton Airport Arrivals & Departures
Jersey Airport Arrivals
Jersey Airport Departures
Manchester Airport Arrivals/Departures
Newcastle Airport Arrivals/Departures
Norwich Airport Arrivals
Norwich Airport Departures
Prestwick Airport Arrivals/Departures
Robin Hood Airport Arrivals/Departures
Stansted Airport Arrivals/Departures
Southampton Airport Arrivals/Departures

More details can be found on the UK Airports page.

Scanners and UK Scanner Frequencies
UK Airport Scanner frequencies.
UK Airshow/Military Bases Scanner frequencies.
Airband Scanner Information.
Airband Scanners & Books.

Live Airport Webcams from around the world

http://www.flyingineurope.be contains Airport Webcams from around the world.

Flight Trackers

Flight Radar 24
Flight Radar 24
Radar Virtuel.
Flight Aware
Flight Explore.com

Flightaware website
London Heathrow Tracker (Flightaware)
London Stansted Airport Tracker (Flightaware)
London Gatwick Airport Tracker (Flightaware)
Manchester Airport Tracker (Flightaware)
Dublin International Airport Tracker (Flightaware)

Military Live Flight Tracker:


NORAD tracks Santa



Google Earth - RAF bases, and airfield co-ordinates

Download Google Earth
to view satellite images of UK bases by copy
& pasting these co-ordinates:

Duxford Airfield :- 52° 5'35.12"N 0° 7'45.86"E
North Weald :- 51°42'52.64"N 0° 9'24.10"E
Heathrow Airport :- 51°28'10.53"N 0°27'15.10"W
Farnborough :- 51°16'41.42"N 0°46'10.73"W
Elvington :- 53°55'32.33"N 0°58'33.40"W
Biggin Hill :- 51°19'21.72"N 0° 1'53.25"E
Kemble Airfield :- 51°40'3.70"N 2° 3'34.28"W
Vulcan XL426 :- 51°34'22.35"N 0°42'18.51"E
Concordes :- 51°27'38.81"N 0°26'41.53"W
Lancaster in-flight :- 52 20 10.87N 0 11 43.34W
Area 51, Nevada :- 37°14'36.52"N 115°48'41.16"W

RAF Lynham :- 51 30 25.32 N 1 59 32.61W
RAF Wittering :- 52 36 46.16N 0 27 33.18W
RAF St Athan :- 51 24 41.64N 3 26 22.49W
RAF Wattisham :- 52° 7'23.24"N 0°57'18.21"E
RAF Marham :- 52°38'48.44"N 0°33'24.53"E
RAF Mildenhall :- 52°21'42.30"N 0°29'2.34"E
RAF Odiham :- 51°14'5.05"N 0°56'44.87"W
Boscombe Down :- 51° 9'20.93"N 1°44'29.81"W
Middle Wallop :- 51° 8'17.07"N 1°34'0.07"W
RNAS Yeovilton :- 51° 0'34.54"N 2°38'11.92"W
RNAS Culdrose :- 50° 5'10.68"N 5°15'12.75"W
RAF Chivenor :- 51° 5'19.06"N 4° 9'2.25"W
RAF St Mawgan :- 50°26'23.53"N 5° 0'5.28"W
RAF Honington :- 52°20'28.87"N 0°46'25.51"E
RAF Lakenheath :- 52°24'31.80"N 0°33'35.49"E
RAF Cosford :- 52°38'27.60"N 2°18'33.18"W
RAF Brawdy :- 51°52'44.75"N 5° 7'37.68"W
RAF Fairford :- 51°40'56.83"N 1°46'46.78"W
RAF Brize Norton :- 51°45'4.73"N 1°34'37.84"W
RAF Benson :- 51°37'3.86"N 1° 5'42.15"W
Filton :- 51°31'19.43"N 2°34'45.34"W
RAF Halton :- 51°46'28.33"N 0°43'27.47"W
RAF Leeming :- 54°17'49.16"N 1°31'52.76"W
RAF Church Fenton :- 53°50'5.78"N 1°12'15.44"W
RAF Linton-on -Ouse :- 54° 2'41.48"N 1°15'3.56"W
RAF Waddington :- 53°10'13.47"N 0°30'58.14"W
RAF Cranwell :- 53° 2'7.42"N 0°29'59.87"W
RAF Leuchars :- 56°22'29.01"N 2°51'59.21"W
RAF Kinloss :- 57°38'53.27"N 3°33'21.44"W
RAF Lossiemouth :- 57°42'45.03"N 3°19'24.47"W
RAF Machrihanish :- 55°26'16.58"N 5°42'1.59"W

Google Earth Flight Simulator:

Pilot an F-16 fighter jet or an SR22 high performance 4 seat propeller aircraft in Google Earth.
To access the hidden feature, open Google Earth and hit Command+Option+A (note it must be capital A) or Ctrl+Alt+A if you’re using a Windows Machine.

Weather Satellites

Weather satellite of Europe
Weather satellite of UK
USAF satellite of Europe
Weather satellite of UK (BBC)
Weather satellite of World
BBC Weather Forecast
Met-Office Weather Forecast
Met-Office Charts
The Weather Outlook Website
16 Day Weather Forecast
30 Day Weather Forecast
BBC Weather video

National Air Traffic Services Ltd (for pre-flight planning purposes)

Shows you which part of the world is in daylight

ISS & Space Shuttle Trackers - Space Exploration

NASA website.
ESA website.
Russian Federal Space Agency website.

International Space Station (ISS) tracker (NASA).

Live International Space Station Tracker

5 Day prediction table for the International Space Station (ISS). Gives you the time when you can see the ISS fly over your location.

Click here for the excellent Heavens-Above website

Mars Missions
Beagle 2.
Mars Express.
Mars Exploration Rover Mission.
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.
Curiosity - Mars Science Laboratory.

Rosetta (spacecraft).
ESA - Rosetta.

Cassini-Huygens mission
After a seven-year and 3.2 billion km journey from Earth to Saturn, ESA's Huygens probe, travelling on board NASA's Cassini mother craft and powered through an umbilical cable, is now ready to separate and continue its journey alone toward Titan, Saturn's largest moon.
Cassini-Huygens mission - NASA website.
Cassini-Huygens mission - ESA website.
Information on Saturn's largest moon, Titan.
BBC News report.

Venus Mission
Venus Express.

Space Vidcast.

UK Military Bases using Multimap

Click on the picture above for links to UK military bases, detailed maps, aerial views and overlays. The maps and aerial views allow you to zoom in and out and are supplied by

TV and Radio Guide

Click to use the best FREE interactive online TV guide
Do you want to know when your favourite television programme is coming on TV?
Then just type in the name of the programme in the search box below.
Find a programme:
(for the latest programmes try "New Series OR New Episode"
Type Aviation or Aircraft for any Aviation related programmes)
For a complete listing of television programmes (BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Ch.4, Ch.5, Sky etc) then click on the UKTVGuide logo below.

Live Radio on the Internet is the UK's most visited live radio site, and also the largest directory available of working links to radio stations broadcasting live on the Internet. It differs from other sites of this type, as it concentrates on live audio, and instead of simply adding link after link in an attempt to have the largest collection, Live Radio on the Internet is actually maintained, and as well as adding links (links are not added unless they work!), those which no longer work are removed (within 4 weeks so as to allow the station(s) time to restore their audio).

Click here for a list of radio stations from the United Kingdom.

Ship Finder Map

Track various ships around the world in realtime.

Translation Program

Translate from one language to another
using the Babel Fish translation program.

SatNav Post Codes for UK Airshows

UK Airshow SatNav Post Codes and maps.

Airplane Games


High Score Games

Here are several High Score Games which will remember you previous score.

Broadband Speed Test

AVIATION TOP 100 - www.avitop.com Avitop.com

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