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The Great War Display Team
The Great War Display Team (GWDT) consists of up to 10 replica WW1 aircraft including 4xSE5s, Sopwith Triplane, Sopwith Pup, Fokker Dr.1 Triplane, 2xJunkers CL.1s, and a Nieuport 17.

The aircraft are available to display with all 10 aircraft or fewer if required. The exhilarating display lasts 12-15 minutes with dogfights between allied and German aircraft. Bombs are dropped and aircraft shot down, departing the scene trailing smoke. The whole exciting spectacle takes place immediately in front of the crowd, and the aircraft are in sight and sound throughout the display - never being more that 1,000 metres from display centre. More details at www.greatwardisplayteam.com

The Great War Display Team at Duxford 2007.

The SE5As flying with the Team are 7/8ths replicas but handle and perform just like the real aircraft. Three are in the markings of 24 Sqn RFC and the fourth in the markings of 25th American Pursuit Sqn, which operated ex-RFC SE5As. One of the RFC aircraft is flown by Doug Gregory who is now 84 years young, and is the only member of the team to have done this for real, flying Beaufighters, Mosquito and Spitfires in the Second World War and earning himself a DFC in the process!

The Sopwith Triplane replica represents N500, which survived until December 1917, and was then struck off charge as being worn out. It had survived several landing and take-off accidents, plus some flak damage which resulted in it being returned to Sopwiths for two new wings. Flight Sub-Lieutenant Roderick Dallas shot down at least two enemy aircraft in it. The aircraft was built by Ernie Hoblyn over a three-year period, and has been active on the display circuit since 1997.

The Sopwith Pup is a replica of N5199, which had a short but reasonably successful service life. It was delivered to 3 Sqn, RNAS on 30th November 1916, and then passed to 8 Sqn, RNAS (the famous Naval Eight) on 5th January 1917, where it was flown in combat by Flight Sub-Lieutenant R E Grange.

The Fokker Triplane was built by John Day in 2005/6, and 2007 will be its first full season with the Team; it replicates Fokker Dr.1 403/17. This aircraft was flown by Ltn Johann Janzen [13 victories] of Jasta 6, of JG1.

Both Junkers CL1s are based on the Bowers Fly Baby, and were built and converted by John Day and Bob Gauld-Galliers. The aircraft represented with the Leaders Streamers on the wing tips - CL1 1803/18 - was operated by the Imperial German Air Service, and then the Republic of German Air Service, until captured by the Red Air Force, when it was operated by them until the early 1930s.

The Nieuport 17 carries the markings of the Escadrille Lafayette of the French Air Service, which was manned by American volunteers. The exploits of this unit are the subject of a film, Fly Boys, which was released in 2006. This aircraft was the star of the film, and was built by its' owners, John Day and Bob Gauld-Galliers. As far as is known, it is the only full-size Nieuport 17 replica flying in Europe.

The Great War Display Team at Duxford 2007. The Great War Display Team at Duxford 2007.
The Great War Display Team at Duxford 2007. The Great War Display Team at Duxford 2007.
The Great War Display Team at Duxford 2007. The Great War Display Team at Duxford 2007.


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Official Great War Display Team website.

Great War Display Team Facebook page.

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